1.  Exfoliate 24 to 48 hours before Spray tanning session to remove dry flaky skin.  Use a body scrub or loofa. You may add brown sugar to body wash and use as an exfoliating agent.
2.  Avoid using bar soaps or high lather soaps.
3.  Do any waxing, pedicures or shaving in advance.
4.  Do not apply lotions, makeup, moisturizers, deodorants or perfumes prior to your session.
5.  Wear dark loose fitting clothing.  no tight socks or jewelry.  Bring dark undergarments or swim wear.

1.  Avoid Sweating or getting wet immediately following tan.
2.  Avoid Pools & Spas for at least 24-hours
3.  Wait to Shower!  After 24 hours-shower only using plain water- Pat skin dry- do NOT rub. Shower regular after that.
4.  Its recommended to use a tanning extender lotion


Spray Tanning:






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UNLimited UV Tanning:

One-Month Unlimited


One- Year Unlimited

$25/Month Prepaid

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Beds are 12 Minute Maximum Exposure

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